Computer services on Demand

We offer our services to local in-home customers and small businesses in the Great Houston area. We also provide our customers with a small but well suited and affordable selection of desktop computers, components, laptops, accessories, monitors, printers, networking devices, smart home devices and a variety of security cameras for home or office locations.

Total Support

We come to you. Our plan covers most issues with computers or you can ask for a single service fee.

General Products

Good prices, good quality products. Gaming hardware, cellphone accessories and more. 

Help me Buy !!!

Don't struggle. Let us do the thinking and hard work while you focus on other important things in you life

Custom Builds

Want a unique gaming computer? Don't want to pay top $ for premium brands?We can help you find the best solution.

What's New

          Wifi Mesh System
    Game console updates
         PC-Build Shorts


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The guys at Halconpc offer a quick, friendly service. It felt like a friend came over to work on my computer. He arrived within 2 hours and got my laptop ready in under 1 hour at my house. Worth every dollar considering I didn't have to leave my place.

Patricia Hawks


I don't know much about technology so I got their services to reinstall some electronics at our new place after moving. Jesus left everything in perfect working order and set up just like before. I also singed up for the yearly subscription considering that we have 3 computers at home plus some smart devices and you never know when something could go down

Robert Sterling


Didier arrive promptly at my work place when I was in desperate needs of getting my work computer back online. I ended up needing a new power supply which he got right away from the nearest computer shop and came back to install at my office. Took him altogether about 3 hours since the moment he step into my office. Very efficient service

Patrick O’Brian


I was very satisfied with Didier and the way he does things. The idea of showing up to your door whenever you have issues and get things fix on the spot is a smart move and I really appreciate he came over on a Saturday. Will recommend to anyone for sure. To me this is much better than going to the nearest BestBuy and cheaper too lol

Tim Jefferies


Our services range from providing information about a product, to supplying the product as well as to support the finished product to the end user. We only offer the latest and greatest high quality computer products. We provide our customers with solid knowledge about the products we sell, to give them a better understanding and to be able to make a sound decision before purchasing the product. We also provide solution based services, not merely selling a product on its own that may not meet the customer's full requirement.

We can supply fully user customized system configuration to suit the different needs of each user. Our systems range from home, office, business desktop machines to high end gaming PC as well as Servers. Our business expertise is in providing high quality ready build computers using the best quality parts and built to the highest level of workmanship standard possible. The effort we put into the system configuration and reliability testing as well as cable and thermal management is second to none. Our business model is customer orientedthat focuses in customer service, support and satisfaction.

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